CTBUH Video Library

The CTBUH Video Library is a collection of footage from Council activities including annual conferences, symposiums, award ceremonies, regional events, interviews with leaders from a number of related disciplines, research undertakings, media appearances and more.

29 Recently Featured Videos
"Perfect City"—What are the Drivers of the Modern Metropolis?
Featured in May 2020
Joe Berridge, Urban Strategies Inc.

Joe Berridge, Partner at Urban Strategies Inc., speaks at the 2019 CTBUH International Congress in Chicago on 30 October 2019.

Interview: Mark Noble & Mat Cash | Zeitz MOCAA
Featured in Apr 2020
Mark Noble, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront; Mat Cash, Heatherwick Studio

Mark Noble, Development Director of V&A Waterfront, and Mat Cash, Group Leader of Heatherwick Studio, are interviewed by Chris Bentley regarding the Best Tall Building Middle East & Africa –…

BIG Designs Pleated Skyscraper for Shenzhen Energy Company
Featured in Mar 2020
Fang Ping, Shenzhen Energy Company; Brian Yang, Bjarke Ingels Group

The Shenzhen Energy HQ is based on an efficient and well-proven floor plan, enclosed in a skin specifically modified and optimized for the local subtropical climate. The building includes the…

Panel Discussion: What Makes an Award-Winning Tall Building?
Featured in Feb 2020
Chair: Steve Watts, alinea Consulting; Andrew Danza, Multiplex; Karl Fender, Fender Katsalidis Architects; Hashimah Hashim, KLCC Property Holdings Berhad; Thomas Oetterli, Schindler; and Mun Summ Wong

The expanded CTBUH Awards Program embraces the full breadth of interdisciplinary work that brings tall buildings to life, and sustains and prolongs their life cycles. This means that considerations of…

Integrating Outdoor Living into a Tall Building Complex
Featured in Jan 2020
Zhouwen Chen, Parkland Group; Marianne Kwok, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

One Shenzhen Bay comprises eight towers and three levels of retail. Rather than stacking the towers upon a podium, the design pushes all the retail functions to the perimeter, and…

Tall Building Interiors – from Now to the Future
Featured in Dec 2019
Moira Moser, M Moser Associates

CTBUH is about Tall Buildings and the Urban Habitat. For those who occupy tall buildings every day, the urban habitat is not only outside; it is also inside tall buildings.…

Pushing the Boundaries of Façade Construction in Ecuador
Featured in Nov 2019
Gabriela Anker, Leppanen + Anker Arquitectos

The Gaia Building utilizes a repeatable, patterned system to reduce the overall quantity of molds required to create its distinctive white façade. The system, which consists of GFRC (glass fiber-reinforced…

The Future of Tall Building Technology
Featured in Sep 2019
William Baker, SOM

Since their earliest form, tall buildings have stood as technological marvels, reflecting the latest advancements in materials, methodologies, and tools. These two technologies continue to be the leading drivers of…

Crafting a Middle Eastern Skyscraper: Working with Climate and Culture
Featured in Aug 2019
Shaun Killa, Killa Design

Sixty-eight percent of the world population is projected to live in urban areas by 2050. As a result of this, growing populations and the increasing concentration of people living in…

A Permeable and Polycentric Urbanism: The Atlantis and Other Projects
Featured in Jul 2019
James von Klemperer, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

The tall building community is evolving past pure aesthetic impact and satisfying real-estate pro-formas, into an integrative practice that weaves skyscrapers into our increasingly diverse cities. Technology has allowed us…

Beauty and Finance: Post Mannerism in Skyscraper Design
Featured in Jun 2019
Gregg Pasquarelli, SHoP Architects

Building design and devlopment started with small scale conceptual research projects where inspiration and effectiveness, art and technology, and beauty and finance not only co-existed, but fueled each other. Now…

CTBUH Brisbane Successful Cities Seminar: QDesign
Featured in May 2019
Malcolm Middleton, Queensland Government Architect

On Thursday, 23 May, the CTBUH Australia Chapter's Brisbane Committee hosted the second installment of its Successful Cities Seminar, discussing the QDesign Initiative.

Rebuilding New York City in a Time of Crisis
Featured in Mar 2019
Larry Silverstein, Silverstein Properties

Larry Silverstein is a developer and real estate investor whose lifetime of work has produced countless contributions to the field of tall buildings. He has overseen the development and management…

Vertical Schools – Are They on the Up?
Featured in Feb 2019
Shu-Hsin Soong, AECOM

The purpose of this presentation was to convey the lessons learned in delivering vertical schools, through experience from around the world as well as the existing institutions in Australia. Consistent…

Sustainability (Urban Renewal): Upcycling an Existing Tower
Featured in Jan 2019
Chris Nunn, AMP Capital Investors; Robert Saidman, Arup

Quay Quarter Tower takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability. It starts with urban renewal and continues to a high-performing façade. The focus on both place and performance creates a highly…

Recasting Highest and Best-Use Property Principles to Drive People-Centric Cities
Featured in Dec 2018
Richard Fennell, JLL

This presentation explored the premise that traditional property investment assessment principles must be expanded well beyond economics to consider other vital metrics, including sustainable development and environmental impacts, social and…

CTBUH Sydney Design Excellence: 210 George Street
Featured in Nov 2018

For the final 2018 Design Excellence Series event, the CTBUH Australia Committee, along with event sponsors Poly Australia and annual sponsors Lendlease, hosted the largest event of the year at…

Intelligent Analytic Techniques Optimizing Development Over Complex, Ground-Level Infrastructure
Featured in Oct 2018
Richard Salter, Arup

This presentation demonstrated how to enable viable commercial developments in our cities – on sites with rich history and complex in-ground and ground-level constraints – through engineering-led solutions (i.e. incorporating…

Humanizing Infrastructure: How Large-Scale, Transit-Based Urban Design Contributes to a Vibrant City
Featured in Sep 2018
Fred Clarke, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

This presentation addressed the benefits of transit-based urban infrastructure development. In particular, it discusses the ways large-scale infrastructure can be humanized, making it open, friendly, supportive of the public realm,…

Interview: Frank Cerra
Featured in Aug 2018
Frank Cerra, BG&E

Frank Cerra of BG&E is interviewed by Chris Bentley during the 2017 CTBUH Australia Conference.

Interview: Christian Derix
Featured in Jul 2018
Christian Derix, Woods Bagot

Christian Derix of Woods Bagot is interviewed by Chris Bentley during the 2017 CTBUH Australia Conference.

Creating Connected Places Through the Power of Building Data
Featured in Jun 2018
Peter Halliday, Siemens Building Technology

This presentation uncovered best practices related to connecting buildings with their operators, occupants, and the cities of which they are part. It focused on how the Internet of Things and…

Interview: The White Walls
Featured in May 2018
Jean Nouvel, Ateliers Jean Nouvel

Jean Nouvel, Architect, Ateliers Jean Nouvel, is interviewed by Chris Bentley regarding the 2016 CTBUH Best Tall Building Europe Winner, The White Walls, Nicosia, during the 2016 CTBUH Awards Symposium…

Interview: Wuhan Tiandi
Featured in Apr 2018
Ellen Lou, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

Ellen Lou, Director of Urban Design and Planning, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, is interviewed by Chris Bentley regarding the 2016 CTBUH Urban Habitat Award Winner, Wuhan Tiandi Site A, Wuhan,…

Interview: Dr. Cheong Koon Hean
Featured in Mar 2018
CEO, Housing and Development Board of Singapore

Dr. Cheong Koon Hean, CEO, Housing and Development Board of Singapore, discusses her urban planning work for the city of Singapore with Chris Bentley, during the 2016 CTBUH Awards Symposium…

CTBUH Video Interview – Rimes Mortimer
Featured in Feb 2018
Rimes Mortimer, Microsoft

Rimes Mortimer of Microsoft is interviewed by Chris Bentley during the 2016 CTBUH China Conference. Rimes discusses the possibilities of integrating technology into the design and management of buildings and…

CTBUH Video Interview – Stefano Boeri
Featured in Jan 2018
Stefano Boeri, Stefano Boeri Architetti

Stefano Boeri of Stefano Boeri Architetti is interviewed by Chris Bentley during the 2016 CTBUH China Conference. Stefano discusses the development of Bosco Verticale and other concept designs with vertically…

Urban Planning in Dubai, Cultural and Human Scale Context
Featured in Dec 2017
Akram Ogaily, Hill International

The rapid urbanization of Dubai and regional Middle Eastern cities presents challenges with respect to the traditional local city fabric and the advent of modern high-rise towers. This presentation explores…

Interview: Hearst Tower
Featured in Nov 2017
Louis Nowikas, Hearst Corporation

Louis Nowikas, Vice President, Hearst Corporation, is interviewed by Chris Bentley regarding the 2016 CTBUH Tall Building 10 Year Award Winner, the Hearst Tower, New York City, during the 2016…