The CTBUH is internationally known as the arbiter of the criteria upon which tall building height is measured, and the title of “World’s Tallest” determined. This section includes the CTBUH Height Criteria and extensive statistical studies on aspects of tall buildings and cities.

Height Criteria

What is a tall building? How is a building’s height measured? What do terms like “supertall” and “mixed-use” actually mean? These and other questions are answered in the CTBUH Height Criteria here.

Tallest Building Lists

For ease of access to important information, some of the most commonly-searched tall building lists from the CTBUH’s Tall Building Database are provided here. This includes the 100 Tallest Completed Buildings in the World, the tallest by function, and others.

Tall Buildings in Numbers

The CTBUH publishes a statistical study on tall buildings in each edition of the quarterly-produced CTBUH Journal. Subjects researched and presented here include analysis of tall buildings with respect to location, function, material, etc; urban agglomerations; the economics of high-rise; embodied energy in tall buildings; and more.

Annual Review of Tall Buildings

At the close of each year, the CTBUH produces a study which provides a statistical and graphical synopsis of tall buildings completed during the subject year, with a focus on buildings over 200 meters in height. These studies are available here.

Height Calculator

The CTBUH has developed this tall building height calculator to assist in determining tall building heights when only the story count is known. The calculator is divided into three categories representing the three major functions represented in tall buildings: office, residential and mixed/unknown.