The CTBUH Research Division – with staff in both Chicago and at the IUAV University of Venice – provides support and advocacy for building research that promotes resilient and sustainable building development. It also assists researchers in their efforts to locate funding, information, technical expertise and objective review.  In addition to our direct efforts, the CTBUH also encourages others to make building research a priority by increasing funding and developing sensible public policies that advance the goals of making all buildings secure and environmentally responsible. In addition, the Research Division enjoys the support of the CTBUH Research, Academic & Postgraduate Working Group which was established in 2010, and the CTBUH Expert Peer Review Panel, established in 2014.

Additionally, each year the CTBUH’s International Research Seed Funding initiative assists researchers in developing projects and ideas to a level that will allow it to secure more significant funding, in conjunction with the CTBUH, through an award of US$20,000. See details on the International Research Seed Funding.

For more information on the CTBUH Research Division, please contact:
Dario Trabucco, CTBUH Research Manager, at [email protected]