With research at an advanced stage, the Council is now calling on companies and industry professionals to assist with buildings that demonstrate innovations in security considerations to be used as case studies in the final publication. For more information contact the Security Working Group at workinggroups@ctbuh.org.

Increasingly frequent catastrophic weather or instances of terrorism in recent years have had an impact on how buildings are designed, accessed, perceived, and experienced by the public. The ability for buildings and urban environments to react effectively to these dramatic events is directly proportionate to the resilience and planning that is developed early on in the design of these environments.

Recognizing the need for this kind of pre-planning guidance, CTBUH formed the Security Working Group and charged the group with developing practical and unobtrusive protective design guidance for tomorrow’s buildings. The Group was launched with the initial goal of developing the first of multiple guides for developers, architects, and others involved with the creation of tall/iconic buildings and their respective urban habitats. It is the hope that the thought leadership presented within this document can be incorporated into future designs, thereby minimizing the potential for injury and the loss of life.

For more information on the Security Working Group or to get involved, please contact workinggroups@ctbuh.org


Sean Ahrens

Sean Ahrens
Security Market Group Leader
Affiliated Engineers
Chicago, United States

Caroline Field

Vice Chair
Caroline Field
London, United Kingdom