This group builds off the work of the previous Seismic Design Working Group.

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In 2008, the CTBUH Seismic Working Group produced a publication entitled “Recommendations for the Seismic Design of High-rise Buildings.” In this document and in subsequent working group meetings, it was established that Performance Based Seismic Design is most appropriate for tall building design, particularly in regions of high seismicity. As a direct result, the CTBUH Performance Based Seismic Design Working Group has been formed to publish the “Performance Based Seismic Design (PBSD) of Tall Buildings” Technical Guide which will describe the process, taking advantage of the most current international resources. Where international standard practice varies, the publication will highlight and contrast design conventions. The aim of this document will also be to investigate whether historically established design practices should be modified in light of the substantial increase in our ability to analyze the behavior of tall buildings through the PBSD process.

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Primary Output

Performance-Based Seismic Design for Tall Buildings: An output of the CTBUH Performance-Based Seismic Design Working Group

Technical Guide, 2017
116 pages, 8.5" W x 11" H

This guide provides structural engineers, developers, and contractors with a general understanding of the PBSD process by presenting case studies that demonstrate the issues commonly encountered when using the methodology, along with their corresponding solutions. The guide also provides references to the latest industry guidelines, as applied in the western United States, with the goal of disseminating these methods to an international audience for the advancement and expansion of PBSD principles worldwide.


Ron Klemencic

Ron Klemencic
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John Viise
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Ramin Golesorkhi
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