The Council is a member-based association with a clear organizational hierarchy including a Board of Trustees, Advisory Group, staff, global chapters/country representatives, and a broad international membership.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for creating the long-term vision and strategy for the Council and its members. The Board oversees the governance of the Council, including the annual audit of operations and finances, and develops programs to ensure the continued growth of the Council and its long history of serving professionals and academics involved in the development of tall buildings and urban habitats internationally.

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Advisory Group

The Advisory Group is comprised of a wide body of colleagues drawn from the Council membership who provide wider strategic counsel and guidance to the Board of Trustees, and assist in the specific initiatives of the Council.

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Regional Representatives

Global Chapters and Country Representatives are Council members that are appointed to provide direct contact to professionals in their respective countries and lead CTBUH initiatives locally.

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A CTBUH Committee is a continual presence, focused on an essential aspect of the Council’s mission. Committees contribute to the Council in a myriad of ways, including peer reviewing research outputs, contributing data and images to our Skyscraper Center database, and ruling on height criteria.

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Working Groups

Working Groups report on specific aspects of the planning, design, construction, and management of tall buildings. The primary purpose of a Working Group is to produce a relevant technical guide or other tangible output. These groups allow for valuable collaboration between building professionals internationally.

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